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Writing Term 4

I am learning to: write a description of an animal.
What I need is:  Describing words What the animal is What the animal looks like What the animal does

Our animal is the giraffe.It is a very tall animal and it has a two metre long neck. It has small knobs and it likes green leaves. It can't run .

Typed and written by Conor, Xiyi and Kade.

Discovery Term 4


CARE Term 4

Student Response: I show Excellence by taking my time with my work.

Dance Term 4

We are learning to: express ourselves creatively through dance.

To be successful we need to:
Learn the specific steps to the danceKeep in time to the musicFollow instructionsTry our best
Click on the link below to see us practising our dance:

Music Term 4

We are learning to: recognise different sections of music and respond through singing, moving, playing and creating.

To be successful we need to:
Listen carefully to the musicMove as directed by the words in the songSing as we move
Click on the link below:

Gymnastics Term 3

We are learning to: do a pencil roll.
To be successful we need to: put our arms above our head, have our hands palm to palm, our legs together and keep our bodies as straight as we can.

Maths Term 3

Click on the link below:

We are learning to:Convert 10s into 100s. This is working out how many 10s are in a number over 100.

To be successful we need to: Understand that 10 ones fit into 10 and 10 groups of 10 fit into 100.

Reading Term 3

Teacher question: What do good readers do?
Student’s response: They leave out a word they don’t know and come back to it. They ask themselves if what they have read makes sense. They sound out tricky words.

My Mihi Term 3

Te Reo Māori Mihi
We are learning to:Introduce ourselves in Te Reo Māori.Communicate personal information, such as our name, parents’ and grandparents’ names and home town in Te Reo Māori.  To be successful we need to:Speak clearly and fluently.Use short simple sentences of Te Reo Māori to communicate personal information.

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Inquiry Term 2

We are learning to express our understandings of change. Task: Teacher Instruction - With this play dough or paper, make or draw what you know about change. Teacher Question- What have you made or drawn to show me what you know about change?
Note: The first photo has been taken at the start of the unit and the second photo has been taken in the middle of the unit.
Teacher Comment: You understand how plants and animals change.

Mathematics with Statistics Term 2

I am learning to Create a tally chart on Room 21’s favourite colours. Use this and a class graph to make statements. Success Criteria ·Ask a question to gather information. ·Create a tally chart correctly. ·Make a statement on the data: For example most popular colour or least popular colour.
Child Comment: 10 people like pink.

Writing Term 2

I am learning to Write an information report on the Venus Fly Trap. Success Criteria ·Include what it is, what it looks like, where it is found and what it does. Next Step: Read my writing to check it makes sense.