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The Southern Bluefin Tuna has gillswhich means it can breath under water. They can swim at an average speed of 2-3 km/hr and they are known to dive for at least 500 m. The average growth for a 3 year old Southern Bluefin Tuna is 1.5 cm per month (and since 1980, fish have been growing faster).

HABITATS W.A.L.T: describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals that live there         OCEAN My habitat is the Pacific Ocean.
It is linked to every single ocean in the world: Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, & the Indian Ocean. At the bottom of the ocean,wavy seaweeds & colourful corals grow. It is also dark & scary. At the top of the ocean, a few ships & boats travel around. In the middle of the ocean, hundreds & thousands of fish swim here & there.