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Inquiry Term 2

We are learning to express our understandings of change. Task: Teacher Instruction - With this play dough or paper, make or draw what you know about change. Teacher Question- What have you made or drawn to show me what you know about change?
Note: The first photo has been taken at the start of the unit and the second photo has been taken in the middle of the unit.
Teacher Comment: You understand how plants and animals change.

Mathematics with Statistics Term 2

I am learning to Create a tally chart on Room 21’s favourite colours. Use this and a class graph to make statements. Success Criteria ·Ask a question to gather information. ·Create a tally chart correctly. ·Make a statement on the data: For example most popular colour or least popular colour.
Child Comment: 10 people like pink.

Writing Term 2

I am learning to Write an information report on the Venus Fly Trap. Success Criteria ·Include what it is, what it looks like, where it is found and what it does. Next Step: Read my writing to check it makes sense.