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Writing Term 4

I am learning to: write a description of an animal.
What I need is:  Describing words What the animal is What the animal looks like What the animal does

Our animal is the giraffe.It is a very tall animal and it has a two metre long neck. It has small knobs and it likes green leaves. It can't run .

Typed and written by Conor, Xiyi and Kade.

Discovery Term 4


CARE Term 4

Student Response: I show Excellence by taking my time with my work.

Dance Term 4

We are learning to: express ourselves creatively through dance.

To be successful we need to:
Learn the specific steps to the danceKeep in time to the musicFollow instructionsTry our best
Click on the link below to see us practising our dance:

Music Term 4

We are learning to: recognise different sections of music and respond through singing, moving, playing and creating.

To be successful we need to:
Listen carefully to the musicMove as directed by the words in the songSing as we move
Click on the link below: